AgrIA Project: Buy and Sell your agricultural products

✓ Access to a global market
✓ Removal of intermediaries
✓ Maximization of profit
✓ Direct buyer-farmer contact
✓ Best price-quality advantage
✓ Choice of extremely varied products
✓ Delivery directly to your city
✓ Real time notification system on the phone.
✓ Remote access directly from the free AgrIA Project application
✓ Available 24 hours a day
✓ Performance reports and optimization tips

Crowdfund AgrIA Project. With AgrIA Project, we will install climate and agricultural stations in all of the districts of Cameroon. The meteorological data will be made available FREE to all via the "AgrIA Project" application and on the internet. The goal is to have a collective platform to initiate or anticipate preventive actions of awareness and information on climate change and its consequences on people and on the economy.
Support the development of the AgrIA Project with your donations. Our objective is to raise 360 millions CFA francs (550,000 Euros) for this vast project to equip all our districts of Cameroon with climatological and meteorological stations.

We are counting on your participation.
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Buying and Selling

Buy and sell your agricultural products at auction on our AgrIA Project's app that has many advantages compared to other types of online sales/purchases. Its auction system attracts a large number of users.

The AgrIA Project Purchase/Sale app eliminates intermediaries to maximize profit by putting you in direct contact with your contact person.

The AgrIA Project Purchase/Sale app offers a unique environment and makes all efforts to implement a number of services and guarantees them in order to establish a relationship of trust between sellers and buyers