Kirinno Labs (KL) is a leading African global innovative business enterprise offering a full range of Medical, Security, Education and Environment products and services. It has become clear to KL that without goal, people lack engagement; therefore, the stated objective of KL is to bring innovative solutions to enrich African society while contributing to the economic development. Failure to do so will mean that the gap between the poor and the rich will keep growing.

Did You Know ?

KIRINNO which is the abbreviation of "Kiri" and "Innovation" means Tomorrow's Innovation
KIRI comes from an African dialect and means "Tomorrow"

Corporate HQ:

BP 6134 Mbankolo Yaounde, Cameroun.

Tel (237) 673 08 18 80 / (237) 657 199 143


Established: Jan 2017

Business Segments: Medical, Security, Education, Environment, Services

Vision & Mission

Responsibility to Society

Be a responsible company that goes where no other company goes by developing solutions to improve the living conditions of the greatest number and at a lower cost.
Innovate, Innovate again and always Innovate.

Responsibility to Ourselves

■ Do business with integrity and transparency.
■ Be committed in heart and mind.
■ Lead by Example, Love and Honesty.