✓ Ultra-fast telemedicine gives results in real time and remotely
✓ An integrated medical questionnaire
✓ A thermometer for taking the temperature
✓ A spirometer to perform a spirometry test to check the functioning of the lungs
✓ A glucometer for the measurement of the level of glucose in the blood
✓ A blood pressure monitor for taking blood pressure
✓ An oximeter to perform an oxygen saturation test to estimate the amount of oxygen in the blood and check the risk of hypoxemia
✓ An electrocardiograph for the examination of the electrocardiogram to check the state of health of the heart
✓ A Fetal Doppler to listen to the fetal heartbeat as early as 12 weeks of gestation
✓ An integrated intelligent system that automatically pre-diagnoses the patient's state of health with some useful tips.
✓ An integrated WIFI giving the possibility of sending the patient's results to the treating physician or to our affiliated doctors for further analysis.
✓ An integrated compact printer for printing results if needed.
✓ A solar panel.


DiagnoKit is a compact medical kit which features everything you need to monitor and improve your health status. It carries a WIFI, a Printer and Solar Panel.

Package Contains

Technical Specifications

● 9-inch TFT LCD screen
● Resistive Touch Screen
● Storage: 4GB Micro SD
● Interface: USB2.0 Interface
● Sound: Single Tone 4kHz Piezo 30V(Max) 60dB @ 3V
● Audio: 3.50mm Headphone Phone Jack Stereo Connector
● Volume Control: 0.5W Thumbwheel Potentiometer
● IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
● Printer: 48mm±0.5mm Effective print Width
● 60mm/s printing speed
● 8h battery life for continuous measurement
● 18V Polycrystalline Solar Panel
● Battery Life Monitor
● Operating Temperature: -10°C to 85°C
● LEDs indicators
● Waterproof ABS carrying case: 387mm x 289mm x 104mm

● TFT LCD screen in Damage resistant protective EVA Foam
● 1 Temperature Probe
● 1 Plastic Flow Sensor
● 1 Bacterial Filter
● 1 Spirometer Mouthpiece
● 100 Glucose Strip tests
● 100 Glucose Lancets
● 1 Lancing device
● 1 NIBP Cuff
● 1 Adult Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor Cable
● ECG Cable and Disposable ECG Electrodes
● 1 USB Doppler Probe
● 1 Ultrasound Gel
● 1 Printer
● 3 Papers Rolls
● 1 Solar Panel


Thanks to its sophisticated technology, The ultra-fast and accurate telemedicine of DiagnoKit allows the doctor to visualize in real time the results of examinations while it gives him the opportunity to interpret them immediately.


The electrocardiography of DiagnoKit makes it possible to make a first diagnosis of the cardiovascular diseases, to see if the heart is not affected by the hypertension and to ensure the good quality of the exams due to the sensitivity of the electrodes.